The utopian became real. For the first time in Portugal, the new invention - Mammographies through satellite! The improbable and unique Chinese point technology which is something that was never seen before in this planet and that came to revolutionize the instantaneous exam through satellite. The world is surrounded by 230 satellites incorporated with thermal sensors of high sensibility capable of detecting multiple breasts through an impressive speed of 27 000 kilometers per hour, under and outside of water and even inside of telephone booths!

Mammographies through satellite. The sky is limitless


Rodrigo Gomes (1991, Faro) vive e trabalha em Lisboa. O seu trabalho denuncia o interesse pelo cruzamento do vídeo com a escultura e de problemáticas em torno de imagens-ficção que alimentam dispositivos de guerra, de televigilância e panfletário. 

Desde 2014 que expõe regularmente em coletivas e individuais, das quais são exemplo a sua apresentação na exposição colectiva “I Will take the risk” no Tomaz Hipólito Studio (2019), “Maker Art - The New Art Fest” na Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes (2018), a sua individual “Como depositar imagens no banco” na Appleton [BOX] - Associação Cultural (2018), a sua participação no FUSO - Anual de Vídeo Arte Internacional de Lisboa no MAAT (2018) e no prémio Sonae Media Art no Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado (2017).

Em 2017 ganhou a 2ª edição do Prémio Sonae Media Art e em 2018 a 5ª edição dos Prémios Novos. O seu trabalho encontra-se na coleção MNAC, coleção Figueiredo Ribeiro e em coleções privadas.


In the second half of the XX century video was overtaken by artists which were also largely responsible for its expansion.

Bazar do Video, founded in 1985 and dedicated to the commerce of audiovisual equipment, was from the first moment connected with artists, initially as an equipment supplier, but quickly becoming a platform of partnership and technical advice for anyone unable to find solutions to solve their problems related to technology.

For years Bazar do Video worked closely with artists and institutions pursuing the best results, finding solutions and providing the necessary means to carry out ideas held by technological barriers.

In 1991 members of Bazar do Video acquired Sociedade Óptica Técnica OPTEC, expanding the branch of their action to film production, equipment rental, workshops and event production.

Since then OPTEC, became also responsible for art installations featuring video as a component, and always keeping a very large involvement with all parts during the process of creation and montage. The progressive development of this activities was such that it was necessary to establish an entity exclusively devoted to art and artists, from the objects design until its presentation to the public, and filling a gap in this area. We will not have trouble finding companies doing audiovisual installations, but until now there has never been a service exclusively dedicated to art, artists and their work, with high technical expertise and artistic sensibility.

Balaclava Noir was born to fill this gap, creating proposals and developing solutions for anyone working with this highly innovative and changing media, working with a dynamic team of experts, sensitive to the needs of the artists and responding with great technical skills to each project demands, and led by an extremely dedicated technical director, with a very comprehensive training, both technical and artistic.

We intend to propose a full service, or complement, to installations and exhibitions, artists and producers, within the constraints of each project.

In Mammographies through satellite we have expanded the range of our activity. In addition to providing advice and technical support, we have been responsible for the production right from the first moment, and we've been involved in the design of space and lighting.

We seek that our work becomes increasingly multidisciplinary, and that we can be present at all stages of each project and ensure its success.

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